Great Meadow's innovative Great Hanger is the solution you've been waiting for when it comes to decorating your loved-one's headstone.
Veteran's Day Wreath Hanger for Headstone
Veteran's Day
Introducing the innovative Great Hanger by Great Meadow Products, your worry-free solution for adorning your loved one's grave. Crafted from durable and flexible rust-proof clear plastic, this one-piece hanger is designed and manufactured in the USA. Engineered to stretch and securely fit nearly any headstone depth, the Great Hanger simplifies decoration. Great Hanger

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  • Wreath hanger fits both smooth and rough headstones
  • Adjusts to fit 6" to 9.25" wide headstones
  • Constructed of durable polycarbonate plastic and will not rust or scratch stone like other metal wreath hangers
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Simple to attach to headstone

Made from strong weather and rust-proof clear plastic, the Great Hanger stretches to fit almost any depth headstone and makes decorating simple.
Whether your headstone is gray, black, maroon or any other color, the Great Hanger blends in.

With its rust-free material, your headstone remains unharmed. Plus, its off-the-ground placement ensures your decorations are safe from cemetery maintenance. Decorating headstones has never been easier or more thoughtful. Its transparent design seamlessly blends with any headstone color, allowing your decorative touch to shine through.

As women-owned small business, Great Meadow Products is dedicated to offering a Made-in-USA wreath hanger that has been rigorously weather-tested for over 20 years. Now, you can easily decorate headstones for any occasion and show how much you care.